Logo Verano Musical

We are a group professional musicians who want to approach music education from a new perspective; we also want to make music more accessible for all social circles and remove the distance that is created between the podium and the public. Verano Musical is the result of our passion for music, and the will to share that passion and to teach.

Asociación Cultural Música por los Pueblos

 This cultural institution is based in Madrid and aims to bring musical and other cultural activities to those areas in Spain where the cultural life has remained underdeveloped. The aim in this is to achieve the highest possible artistic level internationally.


Stichting 1939

This foundation is based in Haarlem, Netherlands,  where the educational and artistic activities of some important musicians from such prestigious orchestras as the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and Holland Symfonia are united.

The pedagogical principles of Verano Musical focus on optimising the direct contact between teachers and their students by means of private lessons and chamber music, so that the individual talent of each student can be developed and stimulated in the best possible way. In addition, each student is incorporated into the group, no matter what his or her level of musical ability.

Organization of Verano Musical

  • David Peralta Alegre: artistic director
  • Lili Schutte: technical director and project leader
  • José Antonio Novo Rodríguez: coordination of communication and pedagogical affairs
  • César Linares González: communication and marketing