Help Stop Plagiarism and Stimulate Academic Honesty Glatt Academic Consulting Academic strength addresses for the heart of the process that is academic. Plagiarism undermines learning and also our educational institutions’ uses. At position is the honor of pupils, faculty and your institution. A value that is higher is placed by future students on their conception of the integrity and reputation of their choice’s company. “No one can eradicate plagiarism 100 percentage of that time period. What one can do is to implement a method that is proactive and apparent to stop plagiarism and promote academic credibility.” – Dr. Barbara Glatt Since 1990, academic organizations have been assisted by Glatt Consulting Services with Forensics. Your consulting services include developing procedures and techniques to cope with concerns of academic dishonesty and plagiarism. Areas that we tackle contain: dilemmas of descriptions of infringements, intent, establishing diligence measures that are due, developing supports that are suitable and offering re-education treatments.

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We learn how to approach, assess and work and realize the issues towards an extensive resolution. How important do you value protecting your educational strength that is schools? Glatt Plagiarism Software We produce three various Applications to greatly help find and prevent plagiarism. Mathematically dependable effects are provided by our Software Programs for discovering plagiarism, regardless of the location of the original supply – be it on and/or offline by testing their knowledge of those principles how to avoid plagiarism. GPTeach Glatt Plagiarism Teaching Program A Guide Software to offer computer assisted training about what constitutes plagiarism and just how to avoid it. Includes descriptions of plagiarism that is indirect and strong, when and how to offer attribution, and mastery exam of concepts. On avoiding plagiarism training Home prognosis for pupils Spinning is exercised on by practice Read More GPSP Glatt Plagiarism Program An extremely superior Screening Program to detect plagiarism. Typically found in the appropriate profession for situations of copyright violation or within instructional establishments.

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Discovery procedure for university Objective and dependable results Obligation that is total Read More GPSD Glatt Home-Discovery Software A Guard Method to aid find unavoidable cases of plagiarism. GPS Endorsements Textbooks across the place have raved regarding Verification Programs and the Glatt Plagiarism Coaching. Press / Review Posts ” the equilibrium is hung within by A studentis ultimate level. The paper within your palm looks vaguely common, and equally the teacher and you suspect it has been plagiarized. But neither of you has any idea exactly what the origin that is initial was; so, there’s no strategy to prove your suspicions. Until now.” ” has conceived some type of computer based method acquire their compositions, use or to discover students who replicate.” ” Two applications about plagiarism are aiding individuals learn without misappropriating the task of others how to create study forms.” ” Barbara S. Glatt has been doing the company of catching cheaters for pretty much 10 years. She’s an academic bloodhound, smelling through study papers, separating the phonies in the guide that is legitimate.” MSNBC – Website (April 28, 1999) “so long as pupils attempt to cheat Glatt will undoubtedly be there to stop them”. WBEZ – Chicago Public Radio (July 2008) ” Plagiarism Companies depends on students writer fingerprint.” Yahoo!

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– Web Life Magazine (March 2000) “a method that has been in use for decades allows if a scholar is truly the writer of a document a teacher find out. ” New York Times – (January 2000) “New computer program assists in maintaining class copycats sincere.” Los Angeles Herald – (January 1988) “Ultimately, there is a solution to implement college regulations prohibiting academic dishonesty.”