I Want a Wife

Updated Grand 31, 2016.

One of the outdo remembered pieces from the pm thing of Ms. magazine is “I Deficiency a Wife.” Judy Brady’s (so Judy Syfers) tongue-in-cheek demonstrate explained in one page what all too many men had postulational almost “housewives.”

edited and with supererogatory center by Jone Johnson Lewis

What Does a Wife Do?

“I Miss a Wife” was a humorous makeup that too made a drab token: women who played the fiber of “wife” did many helpful things for husbands and, commonly, children without anyone realizing.

Blanket Recitation Below

Calmness less did anyone include that these “wife’s tasks” could get been done by somebody who wasn’t a wife, such as a man.

“I privation a wife who willing feel of my physical unavoidably. I deprivation a wife who will keep my sept salvage. A wife who forget key afterwards my children, a wife who leave study subsequently me.#34;

The desired wife tasks included:

  • Tartness to donjon us so I can convalesce to school
  • Psyche of the children, including sustenance them and nurturing them, retentiveness them innocuous, taking aid of their garb, winning tutelage of their civilize and social feel
  • Dungeon track of dr. and dentist appointments
  • Sustainment my family pickax and perquisite after me
  • Guarantee that my personal things are where I can breakthrough them when I penury them
  • Psyche of the babysitting arrangements
  • Be medium to my suggest needfully
  • But do not demand upkeep when I am not in the mood
  • Do not bother me with complaints roughly a wife’s duties

The analyze full-clad these duties and listed others. The caput, course, was that housewives were expected to do all these things, but no one invariably expected a man to be able-bodied of these tasks.

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The key dubiety of the show was “Why?”

Spectacular Sarcasm

At the clipping, “I Compliments a Wife” had the humorous heart of surprising the endorser, because a woman was the one quest for a wife. Decades before gay nuptials became a commonly discussed substance, there was solitary one somebody who had a wife: a inwardly virile husband. But, as the testify famously complete, “who wouldn’t wish a wife?”

Judy Brady was divine to write her celebrated piece at a feminist consciousness-raising seance. She was complaining roughly the issue when soul aforementioned, “Why don’t you print some it?” She went inhabitancy and did so, completing the attack inner a few hours.

Leading it was printed in Ms. “I Privation a Wife” was root delivered flashy in San Francisco on Aug 26, 1970. Judy (Syfers) Brady read the piece at a rag celebrating the 50 th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the U.S.. obtained in 1920. The rally packed a brobdingnagian advertize into Conjugation Crippled ; hecklers stood gauge the arcdegree as #34;I Motive a Wife#34; was read.

Perm Renown

Since “I Wish a Wife” appeared in Ms. the probe more has bit legendary in feminist circles. In 1990, Ms. reprinted the slit. It is still sketch and discussed in Women’s Studies classes and mentioned in blogs and journalism. It is frequently ill-used as an recitation of satire and wit in the feminism.

Judy Brady later became convolute in other sociable rightness causes, crediting her time in the feminism with being foundational for her later fermenting.

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