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This hebdomad, Apple began distributing the new Google Maps for iPhone. which has been rebuilt from the goal.-p

The app now became the skinny downloaded app on Apple’s iTunes sess, receiving a 4.5-5 valuation on thousands of ratings.-p

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Precedent: Googles new app has created a new image, a rectangle with lede dots in it, that is a mobile-first conception creation. Dawning it, and itll subject you to layers for dealings, world personation, and orbiter data—plus a connexion to download Google Humanness. New users power ne’er observance it to dog on the image.-p

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Architect Sacha Greif has created the pursuit gif to example how the menu’s elements call be acquiring nearer to the exploiter in Google Maps for iPhone. (Incidentally, Greif edits a utilitarian netmail newssheet called Sidebar, which delivers the days 5 topper rule links.)-p